Over 3 years, the project aims to build capacity on energy efficiency and renewable energy use within the HORECA (hotels, restaurants and catering) sector addressing SMEs of the whole value chain . For this purpose,  in a first step the value chain is analyzed and the main actors and energy efficiency improvements are identified. Based on the interactions of the value chain and best practices of energy efficiency improvements, different business models will be elaborated to  facilitate the uptake of energy efficiency measures and thus the transformation of the value chain. The findings and outcomes of these studies will be used for supporting the companies by traiinings and energy advising. The project will offer workshops and webinars as well as a great variety of information and motivation materials and tools provided by partners and on the interactive energy knowledge platform IMPAWATT which will be further developed and adapted to the value chain approach of the project. IMPAWATT is free of charge and compiles more than 200 materials on energy efficiency and renewable energy that are presented tailored to registered companies according to their sectors and individual energy themes that can be selected by companies. The platform also enables companies to assess their energy status and to monitor their energy consumption and energy measures implemented or planned on the path towards sustainability. 

Not only is the project assisting companies regarding the technical aspect of implementing energy efficiency measures but it is also providing support to find adequate funding opportunities in each country. For this purpose a financial section on the knowledge platform is offering a tool to find customized funding opportunities fitting to the energy efficiency projects of companies.