The project aims at increasing capacity in the field of energy efficiency, renewables and financing of energy efficiency improvements. The capacity activities will  start with  working group meetings existing of energy and sustainability experts of the HORECA value chain from France, Italy, Spain, Latvia and Germany.  During these meetings the results of the scoping studies investigating the HORECA value chain will be presented to the experts and discussed. Out of the findings of the working groups meetings, training materials for webinars and workshops as well as best practices information material will be produced for being uploaded on the e-learning platform. Thus, best practices of energy saving measures and of interaction of the different service and product  providers of the value chain will be disseminated to be applied by participating HORECA companies.

 The second pillar of capacity building activities is to motivate participating companies to register an account at the e-learning platform and benefit from the  information and motivation materials and tools of the platform and monitor their energy consumption and energy efficiency measures implemented or planned. This way partners will be able to accompany them on their energy efficiency path. The energy efficiency successes of companies will be evaluated during and at the end of the project.